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Steven Karidoyanes -114

Steven Karidoyanes is an accomplished conductor, musician, composer and broadcaster, now in his 26th season leading the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra. This is also his 16th season conducting the New England Conservatory Youth Symphony, leading concerts in Boston’s most prestigious concert venues and in past concert tours of Italy, Greece, Costa Rica, Eastern Europe, Ireland and Spain. Steven’s love and appreciation for classical music and his natural abilities as a master showman make him one of the most respected conductors in his field.

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Jim Redfearn -112

Jim Redfearn is a well-respected retired Massachusetts State Trooper and a man of many skills.  Following his 21-year career on the force as a patrol officer and investigator, he served as an academy instructor.  Jim worked as a private investigator for one of Boston’s top law firms.  He’s also been an industrial commercial photographer for Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier, a  company specializing in nuclear testing, marine studies and high speed photography. Today his passion is writing and on the podcast we’ll look at two of his thrilling police novels, each based on historical events, “The Rising at Roxbury Crossing,” about the 1919 Boston police strike and “An Appointed Time,” a story about the largest manhunt in Massachusetts state history.

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Garrison Keillor -111

He’s one of America’s great storytellers.  Meet radio talent, writer, producer, musician and humorist Garrison Keillor. Garrison talks with us about the origination of the beloved Prairie Home Companion radio show along with his work as a prolific writer of  best-selling novels and non-fiction books and essays.  He is currently on the road with live “Lake Wobegon” shows, playing to sold out audiences around the country.  Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at


Yannetty & The 7 Fingers -110

In this two-part episode, meet a very funny guy stand-up comic, actor and voice-over artist Joe Yannetty.  He’s worked all over the world and is a master craftsman when it comes to comedy.  Joe also faced the life threatening challenge of cancer and beat it.  Hear how his perspective on life, love and comedy have evolved.

Then, we have  entertainers who use their bodies to create theatrical shows thrilling audiences all over the world.  Brin and Sabine are with the international troupe “The 7 Fingers,” set to open at the Cutler Majestic Theatre in Boston this September.  They’re known for their acrobatic precision and athleticism.  Meet these young artists who wow spectators with incredible  feats of strength and dexterity.

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Joe Martelle -098

Joe Martelle is a  beloved radio veteran with fans throughout New England and the country. We’ll talk about his career as a writer, now with two published books including a bio of the late actor Robert Urich. Learn about Jordan Rich and his long career as a radio broadcaster, voice-over teacher and more at

Jim Boyd -096

Jim Boyd is a true renaissance man -news anchor, reporter, writer, producer, actor, life-long learner. A Hall of Fame broadcaster, Jim sits down to talk about his career, how TV news has evolved and how much fun it is to act alongside Morgan Freeman!  Learn about Jordan Rich and his long career as a radio broadcaster, voice-over teacher and more at


Holly Van Leuven -094

Holly Van Leuven has crafted a spectacular biography of one our favorite performers.  You’ll want to hear our discussion about the book “Ray Bolger – More than a Scarecrow.”  A must read for Oz fans and anyone who loves a fine show biz story! Find out more about Jordan Rich, Chart Productions and all the services they offer.


Joseph Finder -084

Joseph Finder is the New York Times bestselling author of fourteen previous suspense novels, including “The Switch,”  “The Fixer,”  and “Suspicion. “ His latest page-turner is entitled “Judgement.” Listen to all On Mic episodes and find out the latest in voice-over production, professional recording and more at

Christina Rasmussen -082

Christina Rasmussen is the author of “Where Did You Go?  A Life Changing Journey to Connect with Those We Lost.”  It’s a book that might change one’s view of the afterlife.  Listen to all On Mic episodes and find out the latest in all facets of voice-over production and professional recording at

Dawn Hayes -077

Dawn Hayes is well known as the long-time on camera spokesperson for the Massachusetts State Lottery.  She drew the numbers that made a lot of people very happy. She’s also an accomplished voice over artist and motorcycle enthusiast!  Check out Jordan Rich’s other podcast episodes, his voice-over training and state of the art recording studio here at