Monthly Archives: March 2023

David Lubofsky -354

David Lubofsky is a creative technologist and former agency owner who is determined to ignite widespread, drastic change in human treatment across business. David is the epitome of southern kindness and has made it his mission to promote empathy, respect, creativity and fun in the workplace. We will talk about his wonderful book on the subject, “The Search for Work Happiness: Helping Leaders Keep Themselves and Their People Happy and Mentally Healthy,”

Michael Savino, Mark Veau: Media House Films -353

It all started in 1983 with a short slasher film for a college TV station that grew into a B slasher horror classic. Meet the two buddies, Mark Veau and Michael Savino, who gave birth to “The Attack of the Killer Refrigerator,” a film that has spawned sequels and rabid fandom among cult movie lovers. Mover over Ed Wood, these guys from Worcester Massachusetts know a little something about going Hollywood!

Medicine Love…Kerri Leblang, Andrew Daniel Cates -352

Meet a hot new acoustic duo, birthed in the vortex of Sedona, Arizona, featuring Kerri Leblang and Andrew Daniel Cates. They perform original music that excites the soul with songs about love, life and unity, celebrating the moments that truly matter right now. Kerri and Andrew perform a magic mix of Americana, Blues, Country, Soul and Pop, with a healthy dose of heart centered music medicine. Enjoy hearing their story and a bit of their music!

Ron Franscell -351

Acclaimed true-crime writer Ron Franscell is back, this time with a thrilling novel about a cold case murder,  taken on by a retired homicide cop and a gang of his colorful  old geezer friends.   “Deaf Row” is a first class mystery replete with unforgettable characters and mind blowing twists.  I loved “Deaf Row” and invite you to enjoy a return visit with NY Times best-selling author Ron Franscell!

Ioanna Diamantidou -350

In celebration of our 350th podcast, we welcome a beautiful young healer on a mission to spread great news about self-care and exercise. She’s Ioanna Diamantidou, a former pro-gymnast champion and Olympic athlete from northern Greece, who for the last fifteen years has been a  sought after Pilates instructor and athletic trainer. Ioanna stresses the importance of movement and how Pilates helps improve health in many ways. Ioanna’s own story in competitive gymnastics is fascinating as well. One thing is certain, listening to this show will have you feeling better!

Patti “Pidgie” Panzarino -349

To quote our guest, “Music isn’t ABOUT inclusion. Music IS inclusion.” Meet Patti “Pidgie” Panzarino a true renaissance woman “on wheels.” Despite being born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) she has overcome steep challenges to enjoy a full and successful life as a composer, singer and music producer. Pidgie has a new album, is about to go on tour and is quite an inspiration!

Dr. David Alfery -348

Dr. David Alfery is a retired cardiothoracic anesthesiologist from Nashville who personifies what it means to be a true healer. Dr. Alfery is a highly skilled clinician who offers insight into what really goes on in the life and death struggles in acute medical care settings. His book “Saving Grace: What Patients Teach Their Doctors about Life, Death, and the Balance in Between,”  is by far the finest medical memoir I’ve ever read. I am honored to welcome him to the podcast and invite you to experience something special.

Bill Powers -347

Today, we delve into true crime with the help of Bill Powers, former Commander of the State Police Detective Unit for the Middlesex County DA’s Office in Massachusetts. His riveting new book is an outstanding procedural entitled, “When the Smoke Cleared: A Murder Mystery in Malden,” and it’s a page turner! Follow an actual murder investigation from tracking down the suspect to the ultimate court case. All told from the perspective of an honored policeman, who with his dedicated team, worked tirelessly to bring about justice.

Roger Kabler -346

Conversation with creative people is what this podcast series is all about.  You won’t find a more creative, fascinating or talented person anywhere than my guest Roger Kabler.  He’s an actor, comedian, writer, impressionist as well as star and producer of a new film entitled, “Being Robin,” a love letter to the late Robin Williams. The film focuses on what Robin meant to Roger personally and how the gifts of Robin Williams impacted millions.