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Nick Klingensmith -429

If it is motivation you’re seeking, look no further than today’s guest. He’s Nick Klingensmith, author of the memoir, “Through the Fire: The Story of the 4-Time Cancer Survivor, Type-1 Diabetic, and Recovering Alcoholic Who Became an Obstacle Course Racer and Defied It All.”  Nick shares his incredible story of success as a Spartan, overcoming daunting physical and mental challenges.   He is an in-demand advocate for pushing forward and never giving up.  Check out!

Ann Marie Sabath -428

Ann Marie Sabath is a multi-talented communicator and writer.  Her latest project is a book that explains money and investing in easy to understand language entitled, “The Wannabe Investor:  40 Must-Know Facts Before Buying Your First Stock.” Prepare to learn a lot and get excited about investing with our dynamic guest!