Monthly Archives: May 2022

Michael J. Atwood -288

Meet a master of the short story genre. Michael J, Atwood’s latest is called, Delirium Fades. It’s a collection of film noir stories with a hint of the Twilight Zone, stories promising to keep you engaged and reading through the night. A high school English teacher by day, Michael Atwood inspires his students to write and sets a fine example. Listen as we talk about the craft of short story writing and author’s love for tales with a twist.

Peter Altschul -287

Peter Altschul is a psychologist and writer with a message worth sharing—people with different points of view CAN learn to get along.   His book of essays on the subject features many important touchpoints.  We will talk about Riding Elephants: Creating Common Ground Where Contention Rules and what Peter has to say about human nature and  how and why it’s critical we develop respect for one another.

Living on the Fringe of the Mob -286

Writer Joe O’Donnell, best known for his series of mysteries starring  the rugged Boston private investigator Gallagher, returns to the podcast but he’s not alone. Introducing Steve Sachs, the subject of Joe’s new book, Living on the Fringe of the Mob. Through Steve’s eyes and life experiences Joe has compiled a riveting collection of true stories about the New York Mob from the 1960s through the early 2000s. Rather than being a “made man,” Steve is connected to some of the highest ranking and notorious mobsters in New York City by virtue of longstanding childhood friendships and legitimate business relationships. There are many encounters, some humorous, others downright terrifying. Here’s a look at what actual mobsters are like, both “on and off the job.”

Karen Winn -285

She’s written a must-read novel right out of the gate!  Meet first-time novelist Karen Winn who goes on-mic to talk about Our Little World,  a superbly crafted coming of age story that works on multiple levels, with irresistible characters amidst a tragic mystery. Set in the mid 1980’s, it’s a relatable story of bedroom communities with a lot  going on behind closed doors. Your host thinks it the best novel of its type in years. Enjoy!

William Martin Returns!

We welcome the “King of Historical Thrillers,” William Martin back to the podcast.  The international best-selling author of such classics as Back Bay, Harvard Yard, The Lincoln Letter, City of Dreams and so many more, brings us his latest, December ’41.  It’s a World War II thriller that combines remarkable  history with a fictionalized plot that has Nazis in America plotting to kill FDR on Christmas eve of that year.  Bill is at the top of his game with this new book.  Join us as we talk it up with one of America’s greatest novelists.

Nancy Rubin Stuart -283

Award-winning author and historian Nancy Rubin Stuart joins us to talk about her new book, Poor Richard’s Women: Deborah Read Franklin and he Other Women Behind the Founding Father.
Nancy does a terrific job uncovering the story of Ben Franklin’s romantic and flirtatious relationships with women. It’s a beautifully written snapshot of life in colonial times at the birth of a nation.  The women of the era finally have their stories told and readers will come away with a new sense of understanding for them and for Dr. Franklin.

The Professional Center for Child Development -282

We devote today’s episode to the ongoing work of the Professional Center for Child Development locadte just north of Boston.  Joining us is the executive director Chris Hunt, family liaison Ellen Waddill and Caroline Pounds, mom to a little boy currently receiving care and education at the Center.  The focus is on its mission which is to provide children, of all abilities, with a solid foundation of life-long learning.  As they celebrate their 50th anniversary, the  PCCD continues to shine as a national model  for helping children achieve their full potential.

Tammy Gooler Loeb -281

Tammy Gooler Loeb is a top rated career and executive coach with a new book that many will find helpful as they  look to “reinvent themselves.” We explore some of the helpful info and lessons in Work from the Inside Out: Break Through Nine Common Obstacles and Design a Career That Fulfills You.

Stephanie Garry -280

Today we talk about a taboo subject for many. It’s a conversation about death, transition and how trained, empathetic people like today’s guest Stephanie Garry, Executive VP for Communal Partnership at the Plaza Jewish Community Chapel help people get through difficult life events. We then take a little detour and chat with Stephanie about what she does outside of her “day job.”  She is an accomplished actor with many national television spots to her credit!