Monthly Archives: February 2023

Erin Diehl -345

Erin Diehl and I are going to “riff” a bit and we invite you to come along for the ride! Erin’s mantra is “get comfortable with the uncomfortable.” Through a series of unrelated dares, founder Erin Diehl created improve it!, a unique professional development company that pushes others to laugh, learn, and grow. She and her team take a creative approach to help companies and individuals improve not only their performance but their daily lives. Ready to experience improv? You came to  the right place!

Kim Airs -344

Meet the former Harvard University Admin Assistant who built her empire selling sex toys. You heard right. There is a lot  more to Kim Airs’ story and on today’s episode we explore the life and times of this self-described “badass” who has done a lot to change the way consenting adults think about sex.  She is a big proponent of adding back fun and joy into relationships. Kim is an educator, reviewer and podcaster who has successfully taken on a male dominated industry with some incredible stories to share!

Mona Dolgov -343

Meet Mona Dolgov – nutritionist, creative consultant, health advocate, author, publisher, teacher. Wow, does this lady wear many hats and she does so tastefully (and more to the point deliciously).  She’s the author of several healthy meal cookbooks including her latest called, “Satisfry,”  for air fryer enthusiasts. Join us as we talk about Mona’s passion for preparing scrumptious meals that are truly good for you!

Brad Meltzer -342

Join me as I welcome my dear friend Brad Meltzer back for his annual On-Mic  appearance.  This time the NY Times best-selling author unveils his latest project, co- written with Josh Mensch entitled, “The Nazi Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill.”   Brad uncovers history and tells its story as well as anyone.   As fellow historian Douglas Brinkley says about this new project, “Every page is mesmerizing and eye-opening.  A must-read!”

Phil Primack -341

“Put It Down on Paper: The Words and Life of Mary Folsom Blair, A Fifty-Year Search,”  is the personal passion project of longtime newspaper man Phil Primack.  Part coming of age story, part old-fashioned detective work on his part, Phil stumbles upon the journals and letters of a young woman  born over a century ago.  He then weaves together a fascinating biography of someone who might have been lost to history,  a resilient woman  named Mary Folsom Blair, who wrote eloquently about life, loss, love and more.

Henriette Lazaridis -340

We invite you to meet a marvelous writer Henriette Lazaridis whose newest novel “Terra Nova” will transport you to a fascinating time and place.
Her book is an immersive story of the race to the frigid South Pole at the turn on of the last century, while at the same time the struggle for women’s  suffrage is underway  in England.   It’s a tale of adventure, complex relationships and major social change, told by a former Rhodes Scholar and master storyteller.