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Martha Bolton -196

Meet the author of “Dear Bob: Bob Hope’s Wartime Correspondence with the G.I.’s of World War II.”  The book is co-written by Bob’s daughter Linda Hope and reveals just how important Bob Hope’s remarkable service was to the fighting men and women of World War II.  It is so critical for us to remember “The Greatest Generation,” and Martha’s book features an astounding collection of letters, postcards, packages and photographs sent back and forth among Bob Hope and the troops, a reminder of one of the most challenging times in human history and the power of laughter that helped us through it all.

Joe Kenda -195

Meet the author of the new book, “Murder Triggers,” Joe Kenda.  Millions know Joe from his impressive work hosting the hit reality series “Homicide Hunter” on Investigation Discovery. Get a chance to hear from one of the country’s top detectives about working and cracking murder cases with great success. Joe explores the mind of the murderer in the new book and allows a rare glimpse into the world of a real homicide squad.

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