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Tom Keating -279

Meet the author of a different kind of war memoir.  Tom Keating has written Yesterday’s Soldier about his experiences about his coming of age in the turbulent 1960’s.  On his way to becoming an ordained priest, a series of life altering detours places him in Vietnam.  There he is trained as a war-fighter, only to have a greater battle with his conscience.  As he aptly says, “ My book is dedicated to all who object to waging war and do the hard work of waging peace.”  It’s a tale well worth sharing.

Deepa Purushothaman -278

Meet a thought and action leader who is tackling the challenges that women of color face in the corporate world head on. Deepa Purushothaman is co-founder of nFormation, a company for women of color by women of color. Her new book is entitled, The First, The Few, The Only:  How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America. We talk about how business must evolve and the important role women of color, who have the skills and talent to merit advancement, can and should evolve as key leaders.

Steve Sweeney -277

Getting a chance to catch up with standup star Steve Sweeney is always fun. We chat about Steve’s work on stage as an impressionist and storyteller, how comedy has come under attack in some circles, what it is that makes Boston just a funny environment and more. Steve is standup royalty and it’s a kick getting a chance to chat with him!

Kim Dower -276

Kim Dower’s poetry is powerful, moving and eminently readable .  The Los Angeles Times describes her work as “sensual and evocative…seamlessly combining humor and heartache…” We know you’ll agree her poetry connects with audiences and is something special.  We’ll discuss her latest anthology, perfect for Mother’s Day,  I Wore This Dress Today for You, Mom.

Ryan North -275

Meet the man that supervillains with megalomania have been waiting for!  He’s the inimitable Ryan North, the creator and author of Dinosaur Comics who has also  written for the comic series Adventure Time and Marvel Comics’ The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.  Ryan is a New York Times best-selling author who happens to be a pretty sharp science guy.  His “sinister” masterpiece is his latest  book, “How to Take Over the World: Practical Schemes and Scientific Solutions for the Aspiring Supervillain,” and it’s laugh out loud funny with the coolest approach to scientific possibilities.  Of course, you’re best not to try any of Ryan’s scenarios at home!

Garrison Keillor Returns!

The Star of Prairie Home Companion and Lake Wobegon’s most famous son is back to share stories, humor and wisdom.  It’s a return appearance for Garrison Keillor,  here to talk about two new book projects, “Boom Town: A Lake Wobegon Novel,” and Serenity at 70, Gaiety at 80,” a funny and thoughtful treatise on aging. As always the conversation is lively and fun. Enjoy!

Brad Meltzer is Back!

He’s back with another thriller and that’s all we need to know to welcome Brad Meltzer back to On Mic! Brad’s latest is entitled, “The Lightning Rod,” and wait to you read about more of America’s deepest secrets.  As always, Brad researches and unveils hidden history in his latest novel. We suggest you hold on tight for an unbelievable ride!


Rashad Chambers -272

A creative force on Broadway and beyond, theatre producer Rashad Chambers joins us to talk about his work producing a variety of plays and musicals, including his latest off-Broadway production of “Little Girl Blue,” a musical about the life and times of Nina Simone.  Rashad is a rising star in the fascinating behind-the-scenes world of theatre.

Amanda Carr -271

Meet one of this era’s finest jazz singers. Not only does Amanda Carr have a talented hold on the Great American Songbook, she is a musician of many talents, composing, play many instruments, recording, teaching and more.  Amanda’s music touches the heart and soul of audiences.  But she offers so much more as a person.  Enjoy a conversation with a creative dynamo who we’re honored to call our friend!

Dr. Barry Taylor -270

Dr. Barry Taylor, ND is a naturopathic healer of the first order. Over many decades he has helped thousands with his “Love Your Body” program, a well balanced approached to healing and achieving vibrant health. His new book tells the story in depth  We will talk with him about “Love Your Body: Your Path to Transformation, Health and Healing.” For those who are tired of merely treating symptoms or putting up with disease, Dr. Taylor offers healthy, science-based alternatives to healing.