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Dee Wallace -126

Meet one of the busiest and most versatile actresses to light up the small and big screen. Along with starring in the mega-blockbuster “ET, The Extra-Terrestrial,” Dee Wallace has appeared in dozens of TV shows and films, including so many ‘edge of the seat’ horror movies that she’s been dubbed “America’s  Scream Queen.” Dee is also an international healer, speaker, author and radio host.  Her I-M System of Healing looks deep into a person’s energy to reveal the blockages, fears and belief systems holding them back.  She focuses on the ideals of self-love, self-responsibility and self-empowerment. She is most proud of her daughter Gabrielle Stone who has become an award winning director, actor and author. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

David Giltinan -125

My guest David Giltinan is a self-described “triple threat.”  He’s host of the popular  ARGcast, “Another Retro Gaming Podcast,”  he’s not only an expert video game player but a player in the video game industry, he’s a voiceover artist, writes for video games and helps to run a Kickstarter funded magazine.  David is my go-to guy for anything related to gaming.  So hold on tight to your consoles and get ready for the deep dive with David! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at


Bill Brett -124

Bill Brett is “Mr. Boston.” For decades he served as head photographer at the Boston Globe and has covered hundreds of major news events.  He still works tirelessly taking photos at social and charity events that make the Globe regularly.  Bill has catalogued his work in several best-selling photo books including, Boston: All One Family; Boston: An Extended Family; Boston: A Year in the Life; Boston: Inspirational Women; and, Boston: Irish. He just released his 6th entitled Boston Game Changers. He is a Class-A gentleman who continues to excel in his craft! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Joey Noone “Joey Voices” -123

Joey Noone, aka Joey Voices, is a popular entertainer who does incredible impressions and  stand-up comedy.  He’s appeared on local and national radio and TV shows, has worked  the showrooms of Las Vegas and is also a prolific song-writer. Joey is also a seven-year theological seminary grad and has written a book that’s sure to help a lot of people, “Good Things are Supposed to Happen to You!”  Joey is not only a first-class entertainer but a guy with tons of heart and wisdom! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at