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Carmen Mariano -268

Carmen Mariano is one of the most amiable chaps you’ll ever meet. Now in his seventies, he has been in school as a student, teacher, coach or administrator since he was 6. In that time, Carmen has earned his Bachelor’s Degree from The Catholic University of America, a Master’s degree from The Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Boston College.  He  developed long lasting friendships as teacher, mentor and coach. And Carmen is also a nifty collector of stories. Long and short tales that entertain, inspire and make one think.  He’s crafted a terrific book on the subject called “The Strength of a Story,” the perfect guest for our podcast that celebrates conversation!

Erica Ferencik -267

It’s the return of one of our favorites, a thriller writer and story teller of the first order Erica Ferencik.  She’s taken us to the raging rivers of the Allagash Wilderness to the mysterious and deadly Amazon jungles and now in her latest book,  “Girl in Ice” to the frozen tundra that is Greenland.  Her novels are brimming with suspense and gripping characters, with Erica’s tales of researching her locales just as fascinating!



Todd Kashdan -266

After receiving a Ph.D. in clinical psychology (2004), Todd Kashdan founded the Well-Being Lab at George Mason University which has produced over 210 peer-reviewed journal articles on well-being and resilience, psychological flexibility, meaning and purpose in life, curiosity, and managing social anxiety. Todd has authored several books and today we talk about his latest entitled “The Art of Insubordination.”  He offers practical ways to speak up for yourself and for what’s right, all of it based on hard science and humanity, not to mention a great sense of humor!

Jeff Pugliese -265

Meet retired Watertown, Massachusetts police officer Jeff Pugliese who served his community proudly for decades. Jeff went beyond the call of duty when he faced down one of the Boston Marathon terrorist bombers, likely saving many innocent lives. Jeff shares personal details about the night he engaged in the gun battle heard around the world.

Bill Diehl Returns -264

We are thrilled to welcome back broadcast newsman and interviewer extraordinaire Bill Diehl, longtime ABC  Radio Network star who has a terrific new book called “50 Years of Celebrity Chatter: (Or the Time I Interviewed a Porn Star Naked)” Intrigued by the title?  Of course you are.  So many celebrity stories coming your way as we chat with Bill!

John DiLeo -263

A pleasure to welcome back movie maven John DiLeo, author of several wonderful books about film. His latest is called “There Are No Small Parts: 100 Outstanding Film Performances with Screen Time of 10 Minutes or Less.“ For anyone who loves movies, particularly those standout characters, grab some popcorn and enjoy the conversation!

Bill Lichtenstein -262

Long-time broadcaster, writer and documentarian Bill Lichtenstein joins us to talk about the film and his accompanying book on the history of the groundbreaking radio station WBCN.  The book is entitled, “WBCN and the American Revolution: How a Radio Station Defined Politics, Counterculture, and Rock and Roll.” For lovers of radio, music and history, settle in for a fascinating conversation! Learn more about this podcast and Jordan Rich here.

Eric Moyal -261

With diabetes at dangerously high levels around the globe, the need for more affordable and available insulin is greater than ever. Today’s guest is Eric Moyal who is tackling  the problem head on with a grass roots nonprofit organization called Project Insulin.  Eric and his colleagues are passionate about helping people get the medicines they need. We’re happy to promote this needed and uplifting movement! Learn more about this podcast and Jordan Rich here.

Jaqueline Mitchard -260

Enjoy a treat for listeners and a personal favorite of your humble host.  We welcome the New York Times best-selling author Jackie Mitchard, with her new engaging  novel “The Good Son.”  From her first breakout novel, The Deep End of the Ocean, the inaugural selection of the Oprah Winfrey Book Club, to today, Jackie continues to shine as  one of our culture’s finest storytellers.

Justin Spizman -259

Justin Spizman is an award-winning and bestselling author, ghostwriter, editor, and proposal writer with several fascinating non-fiction sports related books to his credit. Today we talk with Justin about his latest entitled, “ Coach: The Greatest Teachers in Sports and Their Lessons for Us All.” Prepare  to be inspired! On Air: My Fifty Year Love Affair with Radio,” now available at Amazon. Jordan Rich is Boston’s busiest podcaster, appearing on over 500 podcast episodes and currently hosting 20 shows. To connect with him, visit