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Hope for Depression -339

Mental illness is a serious worldwide problem with millions affected. Sadly, so many suffer in silence, fearing vulnerability and stigma.
On today’s episode I team up once again with my good friend Larry Ruttman (a past guest here and host of his own podcast “A Life Lived Backwards”).
We produced two pods on his platform about our respective  encounters with depression. I thought it was worth producing a single ON MIC podcast  to again share our  individual stories of struggle , and more importantly, our paths to  healing. If this motivates you or someone in need to seek  help, then we will have accomplished something worthwhile.  We are NOT dispensing medical advice, for that you should consult a qualified physician. What we are doing is as old as civilization  itself; telling  deeply personal stories that remind us we are all very much part of the human family.

Voices of France -338

On Mic takes to the road!   We enjoyed a delightful two-week holiday in France recently and couldn’t help recording interviews with some fascinating people along the way.  On today’s episode one of the most innovative  restaurants in the world, a visit to the Champagne region, meeting up with a fellow podcaster at Radio France, the mayor of a picturesque French town that labored under  the Nazis and a visit from Hitler, and a  woman who has created a unique card game,  certain  to spark romance, so appropriate to play when in Paris!

Nick Gancitano -337

Nick Gancitano is a best selling author, keynote speaker, private coach, soccer All-American, football National Champion, and Penn State University’s All-Time Most Accurate Place-Kicker. Over the last 25 years, he has mentored thousands globally who have attained personal and spiritual transformation under his guidance, including entrepreneurs, top athletes and coaches in virtually every sport.  Enjoy a chat with Nick about his book and winning philosophy!

Daniel Ross -336

Daniel Ross has a voice that makes you smile.  Correction…he has dozens of voices that elicit joy and laughter.  Daniel is one of the nation’s top animation actors, and only the third person to be officially noted as the voice of Donald Duck. We’re very happy for Daniel winning an inaugural Children’s and Family Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice Performance in a Preschool Animated Program for his role as Donald Duck in “Mickey and Minnie Wish Upon a Christmas.” Let’s go behind the animation studio scenes with a talented guy who loves his work!

Lisa Coppola -335

For an adoptee, developing a satisfying, healthy life often follows self-reflection, therapy, and peer support — processes well understood by author Lisa Coppola of “Voices Unheard: A Reflective Journal for Adult Adoptees.” Lisa is a mental health counselor with Boston Post Adoption Resources. She shares a bit of her own story of adoption and how the techniques offered in her journal are doing a lot to help other adult adoptees.

Jim Meskimen -334

Today’s guest is one talented and very funny guy.   He’s actor, writer, producer and sensational impressionist Jim Meskimen. Jim’s work is highly respected and loved.  His ability to mimic politicians and actors will blow your mind. We talk about the art of voice-acting, “capturing” the voice and mannerisms of the famous for fun and profit. Check out Jim’s work on any number of social media platforms to see him in action!

Robert Crais -333

Private investigator Elvis Cole and his enigmatic partner Joe Pike are back on the case in the new mystery/thriller “Racing the Light.”  We are honored to have as our guest #1 New York Times bestselling author Robert Crais.  Bob’s insights on developing crime fiction are fascinating.  We’ll talk with him about his career in film and television and how he has maintained a super successful franchise with characters millions of readers love!

Landon Beach -332

Meet Landon Beach, a top notch writer of mystery-thrillers, who is keeping readers up at night with his latest called, “Narrator.”  A talented but struggling actor is kidnapped by obsessed fans who  demand he narrate their audiobook or suffer rather dire consequences. It’s a psychological chiller of the first order and a look behind the scenes into the world of voice-over narration.