Monthly Archives: September 2018

Jim O’Kane -059

Jim O’Kane is the creator of one of the more popular television based websites He’s also an avid podcaster currently working on movie themed projects including “The Rocketeer Minute,” “The Airport Minute” and “The Apollo 13 Minute,” among others.

Barry Nolan -058

Longtime broadcast journalist Barry Nolan is a multiple Emmy winner with TV credits galore including hosting “Evening Magazine, “ “Hard Copy,”  “Extra” and more. He’s also one of the incredibly smart panelists on the popular NPR game show “Says You.” Connect with Barry on FaceBook and to hear all On Mic with Jordan Rich podcasts, go to

The Edwards Twins -057

Meet The Edwards Twins, Anthony and Eddie, master impersonators who transform themselves into a hundred celebrities before your eyes! Check out their website here and listen to all episodes of On Mic with Jordan Rich at Chartproductions.