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Micki Pagano -404

She’s an award winning creative force on Madison Avenue.  Micki Pagano is also a New Yorker who was deeply affected by the terror attacks on 9-11.  Her inspiring book about the afterlife, redemption and hope in the wake of what happened on that fateful day is moving and imaginative.  Join us as we introduce you to “The Road to Beyond,” a  beautiful parable for our time.

Neil Rogers -403

Bar Tips is a wonderful book of life and business lessons by Neil Rogers. Neil currently runs a successful marketing firm.  He recalls the skill sets learned when he tended bar in Boston years ago and shares them in this very readable book. There are valuable tips for anyone interested in improving their careers, building sales and understanding and communicating with people!

Diane Pienta -402

Meet Diane Pienta, author of a wonderful new book called, “Be the Magic: Bite-Sized Nuggets of Wisdom to Feed your Joy, Nourish you Soul, and Open your Heart.” Diane is a writer, mentor and forest therapy guide who loves to help others see and be their own magic!

Landon Beach -401

We welcome back to the podcast author Landon Beach, a fine friend and a master at penning exciting thrillers. Not only are we thrilled to have him join us to talk about his new book “The Blue Hour Sanction,”  but he was kind enough to bring along one of the nation’s top audiobook narrators Suzanne Elise Freeman. She is the reader of this fast-paced novel and you’re about to hear a unique tale of a writer and voice-actor creatively collaborating.  It’s a look behind the scenes at how great stories come to life!  Here is a link for you The Blue Hour Sanction (Audible Audio Edition): Landon Beach, Suzanne Elise Freeman, Landon Beach Books: Books

Ray Fournier -400

Well, we’ve arrived at a milestone. On Mic Podcast 400! I’ve chosen to feature a lifelong friend as my guest, Mr. Ray Fournier. Ray has been a pioneer in the audio recording industry for well over a half century. Blind since birth, Ray has inspired so many with his dedication to professionalism and artistry. And he’s quite the namedropper and storyteller. Thanks to all of you for coming along for the podcast ride for all 400 episodes. There is so much more to come!

Christy Cashman -399

Meet Christy Cashman, a woman who wears many hats!  She’s a writer, actress, philanthropist and equestrian who has written her first novel called, “The Truth About Horses.”  It’s a wonderful story of a young girl coming to terms with loss and the incredible impact rising horses has on her life.

Janet Seckel-Cerrotti -398

Meet Janet Seckel-Cerrotti who heads up an outstanding organization that addresses the serious problem of loneliness among older Americans.   About to celebrate a special anniversary,  FriendshipWorks links volunteers with elder citizens in a variety of programs, all of which lead to happier lives.  We are proud to salute  FriendshipWorks on today’s episode of On Mic!

Lon Davis -396

Meet a long time friend Lon Davis who has captured the history of old Hollywood in several wonderful books  (do check out LON DAVIS  on Amazon for the complete list). Today we focus on  his special friendship with a comedy legend, Larry Fine of The Three Stooges. The two became pals when Lon was just a teen and the relationship had a lovely and lasting impact on Lon’s life.

Andy Kelley -395

Meet Andy Kelley, also known as “The Boston Buddha.”  Andy is a husband, father, sports fan and all around regular guy who discovered for himself the benefits of meditation.  Now it’s his life mission to share theses benefits with others, people of all ages and backgrounds.  Meditation doesn’t have to be a grind, Andy explains why and how it works to make lives better!