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Ed Asner -119

Meet a Hollywood and TV legend just turning 90 who isn’t showing any signs of slowing down!  He’s 7-time Emmy winner Ed Asner, actor, activist, philanthropist.  Ed is in town with his one-person show, “A Man and his Prostate,” at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts.  He’s touring the country in this humorous, touching play about the journey of one man dealing with prostate cancer and treatment. Famous for his portrayal of  Lou Grant,  “Roots,” The Old Man in “Up,” and  for dozens of TV and film roles, Ed Asner continues to reign as one of our most beloved actors. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

JP O’Donnell -118

Meet JP O’Donnell, a retired dentist and professor who decided to take a crack at writing a captivating detective novel.  He did, with two more to follow.  JP (aka Joe) has written “Fatal Gamble,” “Deadly Codes,” and “Pulse of My Heart,” all of them featuring a tough Boston PI named Gallagher.  Joe has enjoyed much success with the books and was lucky enough to attract the attention of Hollywood.  A feature length motion pictured called “Bent” (2018) was produced based on a combination of plot points in the novels.  The film starred Karl Urban and Sofia Vergara.
Joe is hard at work on his next one and has even published his first children’s book. I was honored to be the narrator for all three Gallagher audio books and can’t wait to work on the next one.  We talk detectives, really colorful bad guys, sitting on set watching one’s characters come to life and more! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Paula PK Norton -117

Paula ‘PK’ Norton might look like the friendliest of neighbors (and I’m sure she is) but she leads a double life.  Paula is an up and coming mystery novelist whose books featuring insurance investigator Amy Lynch are captivating readers and gathering fans from all over.  Paula herself was in the insurance business and her experiences sparked the birth of Amy and her need to get to the truth.   There are currently three books in the series “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death, “Dead Drop” and  “Deep Secrets”  with many more in the pipeline.   The author is also a proud member of Sisters in Crime and the Cape Cod Writers Association.  Way to go Paula for living your dream and entertaining readers! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Brad Meltzer Returns! -116

A returning guest, my dear friend Brad Meltzer is back to talk about his ever growing series of books for young readers in the “I Am” series.  His latest entries are “I am Walt Disney” and “I am Marie Curie.”  The series is beautifully illustrated and presents to young readers leaders from all aspects of history and culture.  The books inspire children to look up to those who exhibit bravery, integrity, character, creativity and more.  Brad is also a best selling novelist, historian, TV producer and host and like me, a fan of the Man of Steel!  Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Dr. Mardy Grothe -115

Dr. Mardy Grothe has a rich background as a psychologist, management consultant , speaker and prolific author.  Words are his business for sure.  He’s penned a slew of wonderful books about our language including “I Never Metaphor I didn’t Like,” Oxymoronica,”  “Metaphors be with You,” (my favorite title ever), and now is turning his attention to the phenomenon that is Donald Trump in “Deconstructing Trump: The Trump Phenomenon through the Lens of Quotation History.”  How do the thoughts and quotations of great thinkers through the ages apply to today?  Listen here to find out.  Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Justin Locke -113

Justin Locke is a man of many talents.  First off he’s an acclaimed musician, having played bass for nearly two decades with the famed Boston Pops working with such luminaries as Arthur Fielder, Leonard Bernstein and Henry Mancini. Justin has also composed music including a hilarious symphonic spoof in a courtroom setting called “Peter Vs. The Wolf.”  It has been performed in concert halls around the world. His books include “Real Mean Don’t Rehearse,” “Principles of Applied Stupidity,” and his latest “The Handyman’s Guide to the Galaxy: Adventures in Professional Home Repair.”  Be prepared to take the plunger and get out your glue gun as we talk with one of my more eclectic guests!

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Michael Strasner & Rob Hochschild -109

In this bonus two-part  On Mic podcast,  meet two outstanding people, each a leader in his field.

In part one, nationally recognized leadership coach Michael Strasner talks about his mission to develop business and community leaders who create the
maximum possibilities and opportunities for themselves and the world around them.  He’s authored several books including “Living on the Skinny Branches,” and “Mastering Leadership” and has mentored scores of CEO’s, Fortune 500 executives, actors, athletes and artists.  In today’s episode Michael will talk about his newest venture, the opening of the Boston Breakthrough Academy, offering cutting edge leadership training.

In part two, we welcome Rob Hochschild, a professor at the Berklee School of Music and host/producer of the “The Media Narrative” podcast.  On his podcast Rob introduces many different kinds of media makers—-authors, journalists, producers, broadcasters and others. They talk about their ideas and stories, how they work, and their approaches to making and consuming media. Rob is a first class interviewer and it was an honor for me to appear on his show!

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Cha-Chi Loprete -108

Meet one of the most connected guys in radio and beyond. And one of the nicest. Cha-Chi Loprete has done it all — promotions, marketing, music, interviews, live stage shows – and he’s still at it, hosting his long running “Breakfast with the Beatles” show on terrestrial radio and the Internet.  He’s a big part of classic rock radio history in Boston having worked at both WBCN and WZLX for decades.  And his circle of friends extends across all show business stages. And then there’s the name. We’ll get to what’s up with that, don’t worry.  Here’s to one of my favorite fellow radio guys with awesome stories to share!

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Millennials -107

In this episode a chat with two dynamic women who each focus on issues concerning Millennials. Paige Cornetet of and Rachel Klausner of are themselves millennials.

Millennial Guru is a team of innovative, passionate, and creative gurus helping companies hire and inspire millennials in the workforce.  The goal is to provide companies and their Gen-Y employees with the skills, confidence, and leadership advice they need to truly succeed.  Paige is also the author of The Louse in the House, The Hen in the Pen, and other children’s financial books, designed to educate younger generations about handling money, preserving and growing wealth and living responsibly.

Rachel Klausner is the Founder and CEO of and the Millie App.  She believes Millennials are not always fiscally responsible, but want to see and change the world they live in.  Rachel saw philanthropists approach giving thoughtfully, so reasoned why couldn’t she? She wanted to be thoughtful about where to allocate her charitable dollars, to build a social, cause-oriented community of young people who want to make a difference. And that’s how the Millie App was born.  Now her organization is helping to connect scores of non-profits with young people and others who are eager to help.

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