Monthly Archives: August 2023

La’Que Duren -385

Today’s guest has quite the inspiring story.  La’Que Duren was heading down a dangerous life threatening path, but a group of adults saw value in her that she didn’t know she had.  “How The Mafia Saved My Life”  is a story about a young girl encountering tough men from the shadows who reached out to  protect her.  She ultimately  forgave her abusers and rose from the ashes, and hers is a story for anyone looking for a way out.

Norm Laviolette -384

Meet the man behind the mayhem who is making people very happy.  Norm Laviolette heads up the smash hit Boston comedy troupe Improv Asylum.  He tells  of its origin and growth along with the fun and vibrancy that defines improvisation.   We also talk about the group’s extensive training opportunities in performance and stand-up for professionals and non-actors alike!

Joe Lamonica -383

Joe Lamonica is part of a hard working Italian family. proud of the restaurant named for their grandfather.  Vuolo’s in Winthrop Massachusetts has won raves from food critics and diners.  Joe plies his trade coming up with creative concoctions  behind the bar, when he’ snot collecting and selling iconic custom rock T-Shirts and memorabilia.  There is passion in everything he does and Joe is about to share his story!