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Lisa Lewtan -326

Joining me for a live taping at the Millennium Tower in downtown Boston is the lovely Lisa Lewtan, author of “Busy, Stressed and Food Obsessed.”  Lisa is a health and life  coach  with  a common sense approach to  recovering life balance and feeling empowered.   Listen in for tips on how you can  look and perform better, improving your physical, mental and spiritual states of being.  Lisa’s delightful sense of humor and nurturing manor  is guaranteed to inspire and make you smile!

Mark Thompson -325

He’s a real radio guy, a Hall- of- Famer who sailed to the top of the ratings for decades in Southern California, forging a lasting broadcast legacy with his talented partner.  We talk shop and more with Mark Thompson, who has penned a terrific memoir about his life and times in and out of radio.   It’s entitled, “ Don’t Bump the Record, Kid: My Adventures with Mark and Brian.”   Enjoy a ride-along with this radio veteran and yours truly who has a few war stories to share as well!

Cat Burkey -324

Meet Cat Burkey, a creative apparel designer who is giving back in a unique and inspiring way.   She has been a key catalyst  in a project called “Double Take,” a first-of-its-kind fashion show, with start-to-finish SMA ( spinal muscular atrophy) community involvement, that aims to increase disability visibility, break down stereotypes and champion adaptive fashion.     You’re about to hear how this incredible event took shape in the hope of launching  a better future, where all are valued and  no one is ignored.

John Koblin -323

John Koblin is a journalist who covers media for the New York Times.  He is also the co-author of a fascinating new book on the  story of HBO entitled, “It’s Not TV: The Spectacular Rise, Revolution, and Future of HBO.”   Join us as we do a deep dive into the origins of Home Box Office and the state of television as a result.

Robin Lane -322

She’s rock and roll royalty! Enjoy a conversation with legendary musician and composer Robin Lane.  Robin is the subject of a new documentary entitled “When Things Go Wrong” and is famous for multiple hits with her group Robin Lane and the Chart Busters.  She just cut a new album and has a non-profit organization that actively helps women and others suffering from trauma.

Rachel Silber Devlin -321

Rachel Silber Devlin has written the most in-depth biography or her late father, the towering figure John Silber.
Her new memoir is entitled “Snapshots of My Father, John Silber,” and it tells the whole story of the man in Texas who overcame a physical handicap to become a leader in higher education.  He was a complex public figure who provoked debate.  But he was also a dedicated Dad and Husband to his devoted family.  Rachel’s story is an eloquent account of an authentic man of principle who never backed down.


Meet Master Chef Giovanna Huyke, currently  serving  the most delicious Latin and Puerto Rican cuisine at a Boston area restaurant known as La Fabrica Central.
Giovanna , dubbed The Julia Child of Puerto Rico, blazed a trail as the first female chef to host and co-produce the first TV cooking show on the island.   She is helping us explore the wonders of Latin cuisine as she whest our appetites with endearing tales from the kitchen!

Joan Wallace-Benjamin -319

Joan Wallace-Benjamin is a woman of accomplishment and that is an understatement!   She has served the public sector in a variety of leadership roles with  The  New England Home for Little Wanderers, the ABCD Head start Program, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston and as Chief of Staff during the early months of the Governor Duval Patrick administration in Massachusetts.   Through her many years of service she has exemplified good character and leadership traits that many have come to admire.  We commemorate  the publishing of her memoir, Leading a Life in Balance: Principles of Leadership from the Executive Suite to the Family Table with a conversation about what matters most in the board room and at home.

Julian David Stone -318

As a proud “Monster Kid,” ( and don’t worry we will define that term ) your fanboy host is proud to welcome Julian David Stone,  a founding member of the MC club, to the podcast.   Julian is a successful screenwriter and documentarian who spends much of his time these days writing books about the coolest of  pop culture topics.
His latest creation  is called  It’s Alive!, a novel about the making of the classic Universal horror film Frankenstein in 1931.   You’ll enter the world of Junior Laemmle , Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and numerous other Hollywood legends and understand just how key “The Monster”  was in forging  the new Hollywood!