Monthly Archives: September 2022

Allison Blei -311

Meet the extraordinary Allison Blei, co-producer and co-writer of  Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium arriving in Boston as  part of a national tour. This irreverent traveling tented entertainment experience is in partnership with Harpoon Brewery while in our fair city. It’s a mind-bending variety and vaudeville-style show featuring acrobats, jugglers, contortionists and lots of laughs. Allison knows a thing or two about this kind of entertainment with her background in trapeze and circus performance. Lots of thrills and humor and a look behind the curtains as to how a show like hers has become a success.

Michael Dispezio -310

Meet Michael Dispezio, this generation’s “Mr. Wizard.” Michael is well-respected science educator with writing and editing credits on hundreds of K-12  science texts.  He is also a nationally recognized speaker and entertainer, making science understandable and a great deal of fun for audiences of all ages. He’s been featured on national platforms such as National Geographic and Discovery Channel.Michael’s enthusiasm for life and all of its wonders is inspiring!

Dad -309

Legacy is a gift we are all capable of giving.  Capturing moments that crystalize one’s legacy is an honor. Especially when it’s someone I love and respect as much as I do.  In this case, I get the chance to converse with my 93-year-old father. Marty Rich has led a full and productive life and he’s not done by any means. By launching this special edition of my podcast, I hope to inspire you to capture the thoughts and feelings of your elders, folks who have so much to offer!

Milton Ezrati -308

Time for some straight talk about finance and investing from a man who has done it successfully for over four decades. Milton Ezrati, author of the book Bite Sized Investing: A Complete (and Jargon-Free) Guide to Your Investing Success, has made it his mission to explain practical economics and investing to all of us who have had it with confusing terminology. Milton has done a masterful job of keeping it simple as you’ll hear as he steps up to join us On Mic!

Peter Smyth -307

Meet one of the broadcast industry’s most innovative pioneers. Peter Smyth joins us to talk about his success as head of a major chain of radio stations, the advance of streaming and HD Radio in which he played a major part, and his long standing contributions to making  radio better. Peter is the recipient of numerous awards including the “Giant of American Broadcasting” honor from the Library of American Broadcasting and Radio Ink Magazine’s prestigious “America’s Best Broadcaster” Award. A member of the Massachusetts Broadcast Hall of Fame, Peter believes strongly in giving back. We’ll talk specifically about his ongoing help with The Hundred Club of Massachusetts,supporting fallen police officers and other first responders and their families.