Monthly Archives: August 2022

David Kruh -306

Historian, author and playwright David Kruh joins us with his own well-researched spin on a fascinating story steeped in myth and mystery. He’s written Inseparable: An Alcatraz Escape Adventure, a fictional account based on the famous escape by three men from “The Rock,” back in 1962. There is credible evidence that some of the escapees survived, perfect fodder for a thrilling novel you won’t want to put down!

Ken Sheldon -305

Writer Ken Sheldon presents one of the most fascinating true crime stories you’ll read about, a murder that happened over a hundred years ago in a sleepy northern New England hamlet. You’re sure to be swept away  by the  gripping story in Deep Water -Murder, Scandal and Intrigue in a New England Town. The author does an incredible job researching the case and surmising a solution to a century old mystery!

Dan Lenard -304

Getting back to our roots with one of the nation’s top voice-over artists and mentors Dan Lenard. Dan is known as “The Knowledgeable Voice” and when you hear him speak you’ll understand why.  He’s achieved a lot of success, paying it forward by helping others. One of his worthy projects is, an organization for and about voice actors of all levels.  Dan has much to say and he says it well!

Author Peter Clenott -303

Accomplished novelist Peter Clenott joins us to talk about his latest historically based thriller,  The Unwanted. It’s a World War II story about the Nazi eugenics programs and their systematic attempts  to euthanize  those not achieving  “Aryan standards.”  The Unwanted features an unlikely friendship between two young girls from opposite sides, an American political power broker, based loosely on patriarch Joseph Kennedy, and a post war murder case that will have you guessing through the last exciting pages!

Lyn Dillies, Illusionist -302

She will appear magically before your very ears!  Thrilled to welcome world-class illusionist Lyn Dillies. Lyn is an award winning stage magician and illusionist who has thrilled thousands with her craft. She also uses her entertaining talents to help others.  Meet the lady who has broken through the magical “glass ceiling” and proven she’s got more than a few tricks up her sleeve!