Monthly Archives: July 2023

A.X. Foster -381

Attorney A.X. Foster has prosecuted and defended complex homicide cases for over 30 years.  His debut legal thriller “Gavel to Gavel” transports us to a tense trial where the case seems open and shut. But is it? Foster has penned a terrific legal adventure with intriguing characters and situations. Today we take you deep behind the scenes of a murder one trial, where nothing is as it seems.

Gianni Russo -380

Meet Gianni Russo, one of the stars of “The Godfather,” a monumental first film role for a guy who never acted before!The author of his best selling memoir “Hollywood Godfather,” shares incredible personal stories about Brando, Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and the biggest names in the actual Mafia, names you will instantly recognize. From the movie (he’s produced and acted in close to fifty) to the JFK assassination, Gianni tells all. He’s appearing locally at the Regent Theatre in Arlington with a popular one-man show at the time of our taping.

Sister Bridget Haase -379

Let me introduce you to someone who is the very definition of Grace. She’s Sister Bridget Haase, the author of many spiritually uplifting books such as Generous Faith and Doors to the Sacred, both of which share stories of family and times in Sudan, Senegal, Mexico and Appalachia. Recipient of several awards, she has led retreats and parish missions nationwide and has ministered to everyone from paraplegics at the Boston Home to 3 and 4 year-olds in her role  as “St. Storyteller.“  We are such close friends, her life energy has blessed me along with so many others.  Enjoy a conversation with this remarkable new Orleans native!

Cindy Pease Roe -378

Today I welcome artist, educator and marine advocate, Cindy Pease Roe, whose inspiration comes from her deep, abiding kinship with the sea to craft her unforgettable paintings and sculptures.  Cindy incorporates a variety of media to capture the depth of her subjects. She deftly paints historic, and often endangered working waterfronts. But most importantly, she has garnered the interest of art lovers and environmentalists alike by collecting plastic debris and flotsam she finds along the shoreline and transforming them into thought-provoking, visually stimulating three-dimensional forms.