Monthly Archives: October 2022

Michael Oren -317

The multifaceted Michael Oren joins us today to talk about his thrilling new WWII novel Swann’s War. Michael is a respected historian, novelist, politician and military veteran who recently served as Israel’s ambassador to the United States. He is also one fine storyteller who weaves an exciting tale about a rarely mentioned aspect of the Second World War. We’ll talk a little geopolitics as well with the Ambassador.

Mary Dealy -316

Today, we examine how people choose to look and feel better about themselves as we focus on the essence of beauty.  Our guest is nurse practitioner Mary Dealy, owner /operator of BeautoxEtc, a cosmetic dermatology practice located near Boston.  Mary shares with us the  many safe and proven non-surgical  options for looking younger  as well as the visible  emotional lift one receives.

Larry Ruttman Returns -315

We welcome back one of our favorite Renaissance men,  the inimitable Larry Ruttman. Larry has penned books about baseball, and Jewish American history along with a fascinating memoir covering eight-plus decades of his rich life.  His latest project is a book called Intimate Conversations: Face to Face with Matchless Musicians. We talk about conversations Larry has had with the world’s top classical artists, composers and conductors.  His work offers fresh insights into the hearts and minds of musical geniuses. And together we celebrate the lasting beauty and significance of classical music.

Vincent Paterson -314

Vincent Paterson is one of the  top choreographers and directors in the nation, with a host of show business accomplishments and milestones.  He tells us about working with countless superstars from Michael Jackson to Madonna.  His memoir  entitled Icons and Instincts: Choreographing  and Directing Entertainment’s Biggest Stars chronicles the career highs and occasional setbacks of one of this era’s most innovative artists. Enjoy stories of Broadway, Hollywood and the exciting world of dance with a masterful storyteller.

Ty Burr -313

Joining us today is celebrated film critic Ty Burr whose career has  included long stints with  Entertainment Weekly Magazine, HBO and many years as a top flight film critic for the Boston Globe. Now Ty Burr delivers reviews and movie news direct to you with Ty Burr’s Watchlist, a terrific source of info for movie lovers, all  you need do is subscribe. Talking movies is one of my favorite passions and with someone of Ty Burr’s reputation, it is especially gratifying and fun. Enjoy!

Rhonda Kallman -312

Meet the energetic entrepreneur behind one of the area’s most successful distilleries.  Rhonda Kallman and her colleagues are true artisans, crafting the finest in locally produced whiskey, gin, rum and distilled beer. She is becoming known nationwide for creating a solid brand with deep historic Boston roots. And her story of making it in a male-dominate industry is super impressive.  Three cheers to Rhonda and the Boston Harbor Distillery. Be sure to drive and listen responsibly.