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Larry Shushansky -122

On today’s episode, a conversation with Larry Shushansky, a therapist for many decades who is pioneering his own work in a booked called “Independent Enough.”  Larry discusses his own history of struggle with addiction and chronic disease and how overcoming those experiences helped him become a better therapist and finer person.  The Independent Enough concept is simple, practical and successful. Larry Shushansky is a sought-after motivational speaker and radio guest and I’m thrilled to have him join me on the podcast. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

David Mellor -121

In our first public podcast in front of an audience at the Millennium Tower of Boston, the featured guest is long-time chief groundskeeper at Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, David Mellor.   He’s written an engaging and thought-provoking memoir entitled, “One Base at a Time: How I Survived PTSD and Found My Field of Dreams.”  Dave’s is a story of endurance and triumph over what can be a devastating condition, PTSD, all too common in modern society. His courage in coming forward after years of suffering in silence will touch your heart and likely help others dealing with their own condition.  It’s also a fine baseball account from the Boy of Summer whose job it is to keep the grass green and the field in pristine condition. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Cal Armistead -120

On this episode I welcome a longtime friend and colleague Cal Armistead.  She is one of the most talented voice-over artists we know and she works regularly with us voicing commercials and narrations at Chart Productions.  Cal is also an accomplished singer and actress. But it’s her love of writing and expressing new ideas on paper that we are focusing on today.  Her breakthrough first young-adult novel is entitled “Being Henry David.”  The book has been well received across the country by teachers, parents and young readers.  The story of a teenage boy in a quest to find his identity mixes fantasy, history, literature and emotion brilliantly. Cal is busy at work with several book projects soon to come! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Ed Asner -119

Meet a Hollywood and TV legend just turning 90 who isn’t showing any signs of slowing down!  He’s 7-time Emmy winner Ed Asner, actor, activist, philanthropist.  Ed is in town with his one-person show, “A Man and his Prostate,” at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts.  He’s touring the country in this humorous, touching play about the journey of one man dealing with prostate cancer and treatment. Famous for his portrayal of  Lou Grant,  “Roots,” The Old Man in “Up,” and  for dozens of TV and film roles, Ed Asner continues to reign as one of our most beloved actors. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

JP O’Donnell -118

Meet JP O’Donnell, a retired dentist and professor who decided to take a crack at writing a captivating detective novel.  He did, with two more to follow.  JP (aka Joe) has written “Fatal Gamble,” “Deadly Codes,” and “Pulse of My Heart,” all of them featuring a tough Boston PI named Gallagher.  Joe has enjoyed much success with the books and was lucky enough to attract the attention of Hollywood.  A feature length motion pictured called “Bent” (2018) was produced based on a combination of plot points in the novels.  The film starred Karl Urban and Sofia Vergara.
Joe is hard at work on his next one and has even published his first children’s book. I was honored to be the narrator for all three Gallagher audio books and can’t wait to work on the next one.  We talk detectives, really colorful bad guys, sitting on set watching one’s characters come to life and more! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at