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Natasha Lance Rogoff -370

Meet a daring creative woman with an incredible story,  Natasha Lance Rogoff.  She is the author of “Muppets In Moscow: The Unexpected Crazy True Story of Making Sesame Street  in Russia. “  Natasha was the American TV producer tasked with launching the public television show in  the former Soviet Union.  Amidst bombings, assassinations and a military takeover of the production office, she and the talented Moscow team of artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers and puppeteers remained determined to bring laughter, learning and a new way of seeing the world to the children of Russia,, Ukraine and across the former Soviet empire.

Katherine Sherbrooke -369

Welcome to a conversation with novelist Katherine Sherbrooke whose new book “The Hidden Life of Aster Kelly,” rekindles the Golden Age of Hollywood in a stunning way.   When a runway model in 1940s Hollywood makes a split-second decision intended to protect those she loves, she triggers a cascade of secrets that threatens to upend her daughter’s life decades later.   Kathy based the book on a personal family story that has all the makings of a Hollywood melodrama.  Great fun for fans of movies, Broadway and fine writing!

Carolyn Buck Luce -368

Carolyn Buck Luce is living a life filled with  adventure and purpose and she is happy to share her good fortune with others! She is the author of “Epic: The Women’s Power Play Book” and is the creator of The Decade Game, a highly popular exercise puts the focus on what truly matters in our lives and how people  can achieve happiness, fulfillment and success. Her most recent endeavor is as the co-designer and co-leader of the Remarkable Women’s Journey, a six-month intensive coaching program for some of the most remarkable women today in business, civic society and philanthropy.

Dr. Erica Muhl -367

Dr. Erica Muhl recently assumed the presidency of one of the world’s premier music schools, The Berklee College of Music in Boston. Erica is an accomplished conductor, composer, scholar, educator and administrator. In our conversation, hear her insights on music education, the need for music in all of our lives and the challenges facing students and all of us in the art community. Join us for an inside look at a world class institution of higher learning with the person now leading Berklee!

Meryl Frank -366

Meryl Frank is a highly respected diplomat and international leader on women’s issues and concerns of the world-wide Jewish community. Her new book is quite personable and impactful. It’s entitled “Unearthed: A Lost Actress, a Forbidden Book, and a Search for Life in the Shadow of the Holocaust.” It is a thrilling mystery woven into a beautifully constructed family memoir: Meryl Frank’s journey to seek the truth about a beloved and revolutionary cousin, a celebrated actress in Vilna before World War II, and to answer the question of how the next generation should honor the memory of the Holocaust.

Ernest Thompson -365

Conversation is on today with one of America’s most celebrated playwrights and authors. Meet Ernest Thompson, Academy Award winner for his poignant work  “On Golden Pond”. We talk with this celebrated actor, director and lyricist about his latest novel “The Book of Maps,” a brilliantly written tale of a father and son rediscovering their relationship on a cross country adventure. The book is sure to become a classic!

Steph Palermo -364

Check out today’s guest Steph Palermo, the hot blooded Sicilian with a heart of gold!  Steph is the author of “It’s Not Personal, Sonny, It’s Business: How To Run Your Family, Life and Business Like a Sicilian”.  Oh sure, delicious food and plenty of it is vital, but Steph shares her wisdom and understanding of life growing up in a Sicilian-American family, lessons on living happier, richer and more successful lives.  And smiling all the way.  All from the lady who put the “F.U.” back in fun!

Bernadette Ridge -363

Meet a charming woman who mentors many as a multi-faceted life coach.  Bernadette Ridge hails from Ireland and now makes her  home just outside of Boston.  She is the co-author of several books in the Jan Fraser Inspired Life Series “The Book on Gratitude,” The Book on Joy,”  and  “The Book on Transformation.”  She is all about empowering others with new -found energy and on today’s podcast with Bernadette’s help,  you might just discover another pathway to happiness!