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Paula PK Norton -117

Paula ‘PK’ Norton might look like the friendliest of neighbors (and I’m sure she is) but she leads a double life.  Paula is an up and coming mystery novelist whose books featuring insurance investigator Amy Lynch are captivating readers and gathering fans from all over.  Paula herself was in the insurance business and her experiences sparked the birth of Amy and her need to get to the truth.   There are currently three books in the series “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death, “Dead Drop” and  “Deep Secrets”  with many more in the pipeline.   The author is also a proud member of Sisters in Crime and the Cape Cod Writers Association.  Way to go Paula for living your dream and entertaining readers! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Brad Meltzer Returns! -116

A returning guest, my dear friend Brad Meltzer is back to talk about his ever growing series of books for young readers in the “I Am” series.  His latest entries are “I am Walt Disney” and “I am Marie Curie.”  The series is beautifully illustrated and presents to young readers leaders from all aspects of history and culture.  The books inspire children to look up to those who exhibit bravery, integrity, character, creativity and more.  Brad is also a best selling novelist, historian, TV producer and host and like me, a fan of the Man of Steel!  Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Dr. Mardy Grothe -115

Dr. Mardy Grothe has a rich background as a psychologist, management consultant , speaker and prolific author.  Words are his business for sure.  He’s penned a slew of wonderful books about our language including “I Never Metaphor I didn’t Like,” Oxymoronica,”  “Metaphors be with You,” (my favorite title ever), and now is turning his attention to the phenomenon that is Donald Trump in “Deconstructing Trump: The Trump Phenomenon through the Lens of Quotation History.”  How do the thoughts and quotations of great thinkers through the ages apply to today?  Listen here to find out.  Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Steven Karidoyanes -114

Steven Karidoyanes is an accomplished conductor, musician, composer and broadcaster, now in his 26th season leading the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra. This is also his 16th season conducting the New England Conservatory Youth Symphony, leading concerts in Boston’s most prestigious concert venues and in past concert tours of Italy, Greece, Costa Rica, Eastern Europe, Ireland and Spain. Steven’s love and appreciation for classical music and his natural abilities as a master showman make him one of the most respected conductors in his field.

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Justin Locke -113

Justin Locke is a man of many talents.  First off he’s an acclaimed musician, having played bass for nearly two decades with the famed Boston Pops working with such luminaries as Arthur Fielder, Leonard Bernstein and Henry Mancini. Justin has also composed music including a hilarious symphonic spoof in a courtroom setting called “Peter Vs. The Wolf.”  It has been performed in concert halls around the world. His books include “Real Mean Don’t Rehearse,” “Principles of Applied Stupidity,” and his latest “The Handyman’s Guide to the Galaxy: Adventures in Professional Home Repair.”  Be prepared to take the plunger and get out your glue gun as we talk with one of my more eclectic guests!

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