Dr. Mardy Grothe -115

Dr. Mardy Grothe has a rich background as a psychologist, management consultant , speaker and prolific author.  Words are his business for sure.  He’s penned a slew of wonderful books about our language including “I Never Metaphor I didn’t Like,” Oxymoronica,”  “Metaphors be with You,” (my favorite title ever), and now is turning his attention to the phenomenon that is Donald Trump in “Deconstructing Trump: The Trump Phenomenon through the Lens of Quotation History.”  How do the thoughts and quotations of great thinkers through the ages apply to today?  Listen here to find out.  Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at chartproductions.com.

One thought on “Dr. Mardy Grothe -115

  1. Thanks for another great interview, Jordan. I’ve done hundreds of radio interviews over the years and would rank the three or four I’ve done with you at the very top. Our most recent interview was no exception, and served as simply another reminder about how much more enjoyable it is as a guest to be interviewed by a consummate professional at the top of his game. Speaking metaphorically, I’m not just blowing smoke at you either!

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