Monthly Archives: June 2022

Bruce Ferber -295

Wonderful to welcome back a fine novelist and radio guest of mine Bruce Ferber. Over the years we’ve spoken with Bruce about his days as a comedy writer and producer of such shows as Coach, Bosom Buddies, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and more.  For over a decade now Bruce has focused on writing novels, each one a gem and quite funny. His previous two books worth checking out are Elevating Overman and Cascade Falls. On today’s podcast, we chat with him about his latest called I Buried Paul, a character rich take on Beatles cover bands and those musicians who never stop  chasing the dream!

Ryan Britt – Phasers on Stun -294

OK, it’s your friendly podcast host indulging himself in his passion for Space, the Final Frontier! We welcome sci-fi chronicler, writer, editor and  pop-culture whiz Ryan Britt to talk up his fabulous new book, Phasers on Stun: How the Making (and Remaking) of Star Trek Changed the World. Two to beam up and you’re invited to hop aboard as well!

Brigadier General (Ret) Jack Hammond -293

It’s an honor to welcome Brigadier General (Ret) Jack Hammond to the podcast. The General heads up the Home Base Program, dedicated to treating the invisible wounds of war.  Thousands of our veterans are in desperate need of help for PTSD, addiction and other mental health issues caused by their wartime experiences. The Home Base Program is taking on this critical mission in bold innovative ways. And they are meeting with success. But more needs to be done. And you can help by clicking here!

Mark Seal -292

The Godfather is one of America’s most popular and iconic movie masterpieces. Meet Vanity Fair writer Mark Seal who tells the incredible true story of the making of The Godfather in Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli. Insightful stories and exclusive interviews highlight this terrific book, out during the 50th anniversary of the film’s release.  Movie lovers, you are in for a treat!

Kevin Flynn -291

Meet the multi-faceted funny man Kevin Flynn. Kevin is a successful standup, actor, writer and producer who joins us to chat up his touring performance of Fear of Heights a funny and moving one-man show about an Irish-American kid’s phobias, family life, and the meaning of success. Kevin’s path to success is a neat one and you’ll likely agree that he’s a very funny fellow with a deep sense of heart and soul.

Natalie Jacobson -290

As the face of WCVB TV 5 in Boston, Natalie Jacobson earned the trust and admiration of countless New Englanders. The award-winning news anchor has penned her autobiography entitled, Every Life a Story: Natalie Jacobson Reporting.  She relates many adventures during the pioneering days of television news in the 1970’s. Natalie also shares personal stories of her upbringing and family. This broadcast icon’s new book offers readers an intimate look at the behind the scenes world of television news. Learn more about Jordan Rich and the many ways he keeps “conversation alive and well”, here.


Rick Steves -289

Rick Steves is an internationally renowned travel expert, seen regularly on his popular PBS TV shows. He also has written countless books on travel including his latest, Europe Through the Back Door. We will chat about Europe post pandemic, how travel has evolved, state of affairs at airports, and how to get the most of out your European adventure!