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Glenn Cort -427

Meet Glenn Cort, author of “Letters to Mikey: Messages of Hope and Optimism.”  We tell the story  of a concerned loving parent who crafted a birthday letter to his son that evolved into an inspiring book.  Glenn offers insight into what drove him to seek out, fully research and reintroduce the wisdom of leading historical figures, from the ancient philosophers to our Founding Fathers to bold leaders of today, all of whose ideas about life have set the framework for a thriving civilization.  Glenn believes, and many agree,  that today’s generation of young people are adrift, desperately searching for hope, optimism and direction.   “Letters to Mikey” is one man’s mission to help his son and all children make sense of our world and better navigate the future!

Lon Davis -426

It is always great to welcome back an old friend who loves movies as much as he does. Lon Davis returns to talk about his latest book, ‘Stumbling Into Film History,” a look back at his teenage years when he was lucky enough to meet and befriend many legends of the silent screen.  Lon recalls time spent with actors, most of whom the current generation is in the dark about.   Well, thanks to our friendly film historian Lon Davis who recounts stories of Hollywood in its infancy, these early stars jump off the page and  come back  to life.  And for movie lovers, their stories will certainly strike a chord!

Cathi Thomas, RN & Brett Miller -425

About one million Americans are currently living with Parkinson’s disease.  It is the second-most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s disease.
Nearly 90,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed each year and in 2023, I  joined the ranks with my own PD diagnosis. With April being Parkinson’s Awareness Month, I thought it right  to present an informative and inspiring podcast about Parkinson’s  impact, the research and progress in the search for better treatments, and the attention to lifestyle changes ( nutrition, sleep and most importantly exercise) that can mitigate symptoms and lead to a more full and active life. My guests include Cathi Thomas, RN, Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology and Director of the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center at the Boston University Medical Campus and Brett Miller, founder of 110 Fitness Center in Rockland, Massachusetts. 110 Fitness is the first of its kind inclusive wellness center for individuals afflicted with Parkinson’s and other developmental or physical disability.  Brett leads us in Rock Steady Boxing, a proven athletic therapy for PD, but there is a lot more to learn about what he and his team are doing to help the community. As always I wish you the very best and remember to be well, so you can do good! – JR. 

Mike Christian -424

I’m so happy to welcome Mike Christian, who has brought his radio show What’s @ Risk back to the airwaves in Boston.  Mike has also launched a podcast as well.
He has a successful background in insurance and risk management with deep experience that  allows him to delve into array of current social, economic, environmental, cultural and business topics in this uncertain time in the world.  Mike also believes strongly in giving back.  He and his wife founded the Someone Else’s Child Foundation, which addresses disparities by connecting young people with opportunities to help them live, learn, grow and engage as contributing members of their community.

Dr. Elizabeth Comen -423

Dr. Elizabeth Comen, MD, is a highly esteemed oncologist and medical historian empowering women to lead healthy and joyful lives.  She presents a fascinating history and examination of women’s health as it’s never been told before in her groundbreaking book, “All in Her Head: The Truth and Lies Medicine Taught Us About Women’s Bodies and Why It Matters Today.” It is an honor to share this important research with my audience!

Raouf Zaki -422

Meet independent film maker Raouf Zaki who writes, produces and directs meaningful, inspiring films that help bridge the gap between cultures. He is an award winning filmmaker whose work makes audiences think as it opens their hearts. His latest is entitled, “Dream,” having its world premiere at the Maynard Fine Arts Theatre in Maynard, Massachusetts on April 14, 2024.