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Jon Stetson -129

To say he’s amazing is an obvious understatement. Jon Stetson is one of America’s foremost mentalists, an engaging entertainer who has performed for presidents, kings, Fortune 1000 organizations and celebrity audiences around the globe.  Jon loves people and it’s evident at any of his live shows as he injects levity and kindness while dazzling people with his uncanny mental abilities.  Jon leaves audiences with a sense of empowerment and wonder. His shows are extremely entertaining and inspiring. He’s appeared on many national television shows but his home base these days is the historic Parker House Hotel in Boston where his performances have the city buzzing! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Jacy Dawn Valeras -128

Meet a dynamic young woman who is putting her stamp of success on the music business.  Jacy Dawn Valeras has been singing since she was very young, working with some of the top names in the music industry.  She is also a gifted song writer.  A New Englander by birth, she migrated  to the musical hub of Nashville where she started  a thriving business, Platinum Circle Media, promoting headline acts such as Collin Raye, TG Sheppard and Lorrie Morgan.  She and her team provide top flight social media marketing campaigns and creative cutting edge promotion for today’s markets.  A few years ago, Jacy faced the worst news any singer can—due to overuse, she had done serious damage to her vocal chords and needed to give up singing completely.  Happily, along with her booming media business, she found healing and is singing beautifully again. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Geri Jewell -127

Geri Jewell was the first person with a disability to score a regular role on a prime time series, when she starred in “The Facts of Life.” The fact of life is that Geri has accomplished more than most in show business…from stand-up comedy to top-selling author to world renowned motivational speaker.  She received an Emmy consideration for her work on the HBO hit series “Deadwood,” and is famous for her ability to use humor to change attitudes in the right direction. Her dear feline friend Juliette was in on our conversation as well.  Geri, we love you! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Dee Wallace -126

Meet one of the busiest and most versatile actresses to light up the small and big screen. Along with starring in the mega-blockbuster “ET, The Extra-Terrestrial,” Dee Wallace has appeared in dozens of TV shows and films, including so many ‘edge of the seat’ horror movies that she’s been dubbed “America’s  Scream Queen.” Dee is also an international healer, speaker, author and radio host.  Her I-M System of Healing looks deep into a person’s energy to reveal the blockages, fears and belief systems holding them back.  She focuses on the ideals of self-love, self-responsibility and self-empowerment. She is most proud of her daughter Gabrielle Stone who has become an award winning director, actor and author. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Bill Brett -124

Bill Brett is “Mr. Boston.” For decades he served as head photographer at the Boston Globe and has covered hundreds of major news events.  He still works tirelessly taking photos at social and charity events that make the Globe regularly.  Bill has catalogued his work in several best-selling photo books including, Boston: All One Family; Boston: An Extended Family; Boston: A Year in the Life; Boston: Inspirational Women; and, Boston: Irish. He just released his 6th entitled Boston Game Changers. He is a Class-A gentleman who continues to excel in his craft! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Joey Noone “Joey Voices” -123

Joey Noone, aka Joey Voices, is a popular entertainer who does incredible impressions and  stand-up comedy.  He’s appeared on local and national radio and TV shows, has worked  the showrooms of Las Vegas and is also a prolific song-writer. Joey is also a seven-year theological seminary grad and has written a book that’s sure to help a lot of people, “Good Things are Supposed to Happen to You!”  Joey is not only a first-class entertainer but a guy with tons of heart and wisdom! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Larry Shushansky -122

On today’s episode, a conversation with Larry Shushansky, a therapist for many decades who is pioneering his own work in a booked called “Independent Enough.”  Larry discusses his own history of struggle with addiction and chronic disease and how overcoming those experiences helped him become a better therapist and finer person.  The Independent Enough concept is simple, practical and successful. Larry Shushansky is a sought-after motivational speaker and radio guest and I’m thrilled to have him join me on the podcast. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

David Mellor -121

In our first public podcast in front of an audience at the Millennium Tower of Boston, the featured guest is long-time chief groundskeeper at Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, David Mellor.   He’s written an engaging and thought-provoking memoir entitled, “One Base at a Time: How I Survived PTSD and Found My Field of Dreams.”  Dave’s is a story of endurance and triumph over what can be a devastating condition, PTSD, all too common in modern society. His courage in coming forward after years of suffering in silence will touch your heart and likely help others dealing with their own condition.  It’s also a fine baseball account from the Boy of Summer whose job it is to keep the grass green and the field in pristine condition. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Cal Armistead -120

On this episode I welcome a longtime friend and colleague Cal Armistead.  She is one of the most talented voice-over artists we know and she works regularly with us voicing commercials and narrations at Chart Productions.  Cal is also an accomplished singer and actress. But it’s her love of writing and expressing new ideas on paper that we are focusing on today.  Her breakthrough first young-adult novel is entitled “Being Henry David.”  The book has been well received across the country by teachers, parents and young readers.  The story of a teenage boy in a quest to find his identity mixes fantasy, history, literature and emotion brilliantly. Cal is busy at work with several book projects soon to come! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Ed Asner -119

Meet a Hollywood and TV legend just turning 90 who isn’t showing any signs of slowing down!  He’s 7-time Emmy winner Ed Asner, actor, activist, philanthropist.  Ed is in town with his one-person show, “A Man and his Prostate,” at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts.  He’s touring the country in this humorous, touching play about the journey of one man dealing with prostate cancer and treatment. Famous for his portrayal of  Lou Grant,  “Roots,” The Old Man in “Up,” and  for dozens of TV and film roles, Ed Asner continues to reign as one of our most beloved actors. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at