The Edwards Twins -057

Meet The Edwards Twins, Anthony and Eddie, master impersonators who transform themselves into a hundred celebrities before your eyes! Check out their website here and listen to all episodes of On Mic with Jordan Rich at Chartproductions.

3 thoughts on “The Edwards Twins -057

  1. Jordan I am so honor to hear the interview and podcast of my sons Anthony and Edward!
    Since I am getting up there in age I do not get to travel with them as I did for so long in the past. So this is a treat for me to hear this! I keep them on their toes! LOL! I am so proud and thank you for such a great interview. They were 6 when they started this and I was not sure what I had on my hands as a parent!
    But when they told me they wanted to do this I supported them completely!
    I am now listening to your podcasts!
    The Edwards Twins Mom

  2. Jordan, Once again, you have introduced me to more members of the entertainment biz and get the “Real Inside story” What a great interview….You never cease to amaze me with your podcast interviews..THANK YOU…!!!

  3. WOW….Jordan…What a pair to draw to…
    I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and certainly hope that I can see them do their show when they return to Plymouth

    THANK YOU…!!!

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