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Joseph Finder -084

Joseph Finder is the New York Times bestselling author of fourteen previous suspense novels, including “The Switch,”  “The Fixer,”  and “Suspicion. “ His latest page-turner is entitled “Judgement.” Listen to all On Mic episodes and find out the latest in voice-over production, professional recording and more at

Christina Rasmussen -082

Christina Rasmussen is the author of “Where Did You Go?  A Life Changing Journey to Connect with Those We Lost.”  It’s a book that might change one’s view of the afterlife.  Listen to all On Mic episodes and find out the latest in all facets of voice-over production and professional recording at

Dawn Hayes -077

Dawn Hayes is well known as the long-time on camera spokesperson for the Massachusetts State Lottery.  She drew the numbers that made a lot of people very happy. She’s also an accomplished voice over artist and motorcycle enthusiast!  Check out Jordan Rich’s other podcast episodes, his voice-over training and state of the art recording studio here at

Rick Beyer -074

Historian and best selling author Rick Beyer is here to talk about his WWII documentary “Ghost Army” as well as his latest book “Rivals Until Death” a dual biography of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Listen to the On Mic with Jordan Rich podcast at Now on Google Podcasts too!

Greg Chastain -072

Greg Chastain is president and founder of Voices of Hope, an ever-growing group of  volunteer  singers, dancers, actors and musicians
who perform to raise awareness and funds to support critical cancer research. Through song Voices of Hope is making a difference! Listen to the On Mic with Jordan Rich podcast at Now on Google Podcasts too!

Jim O’Kane -059

Jim O’Kane is the creator of one of the more popular television based websites He’s also an avid podcaster currently working on movie themed projects including “The Rocketeer Minute,” “The Airport Minute” and “The Apollo 13 Minute,” among others.

Barry Nolan -058

Longtime broadcast journalist Barry Nolan is a multiple Emmy winner with TV credits galore including hosting “Evening Magazine, “ “Hard Copy,”  “Extra” and more. He’s also one of the incredibly smart panelists on the popular NPR game show “Says You.” Connect with Barry on FaceBook and to hear all On Mic with Jordan Rich podcasts, go to

The Edwards Twins -057

Meet The Edwards Twins, Anthony and Eddie, master impersonators who transform themselves into a hundred celebrities before your eyes! Check out their website here and listen to all episodes of On Mic with Jordan Rich at Chartproductions.

Erica McDermott -047

Erica McDermott has found steady work as a dynamic character actress in major motion pictures including “American Hustle, “ “Joy,”
“Manchester by the Sea” and “Black Mass.”  Her standout role is as one of the sisters in the highly acclaimed Mark Wahlberg film “The Fighter.”
Hers is a local Hollywood success story!