Gregory Hicks: Gemini Employee, Foreign Service -246

In our premier episode of 2022, we salute the U.S.foreign service officers who do so much to insure our nation’s security. Our guest is former state department official Gregory Hicks who served on many fronts including his pivotal mission in Libya before and during the Benghazi terror attacks in 2012. He reflects on lessons learned following that terrible incident as well as his numerous career highlights working overseas. Greg is currently communications director for Gemini Industries, a private firm working closely with the defense department in bolstering U.S. national security.   Be sure to check out the earlier podcast interview with Gemini Founder Victoria Bondoc. On Air: My Fifty Year Love Affair with Radio,” now available at Amazon. Jordan Rich is Boston’s busiest podcaster, appearing on over 500 podcast episodes and currently hosting 20 shows. To connect with him, visit