Michael Maloney -209

Meet a young man who has never let physical limitations slow down his dream of writing and performing music.  I met Michael Maloney when he was barely into his teens.  His parents were Michael’s  number one promoters and hoped that I would mention him on-air.  Once I heard his music and learned more about this remarkable young man, I just had to invite him to join us in studio.  He wowed the audience and since then has been composing and performing both in the U.S. and Europe. His music is heartfelt, a style reminiscent of Paul McCartney.  And his story is worth hearing! On Air: My Fifty Year Love Affair with Radio,” now available at Amazon. Jordan Rich is Boston’s busiest podcaster, appearing on over 400 podcast episodes and currently hosting 16 shows. To connect with him, visit www.chartproductions.com.