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Kaleel Sakakeeny is one of a handful of ordained Animal Chaplains and Credentialed Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselors  in the United States.  Reverend Sakakeeny is here to share stories of his work with people and pets,  addressing  questions of love, loss and the unique relationships we have with our animal companions.

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One thought on “Kaleel Sakakeeny -207

  1. I’m really honored to be on this Podcast with Jordan. I was surprised how he knew the heartbeat of the topic–pet loss and grief-and how Jordan let me move through my own thoughts and recollections without being a “broadcast barrier” and getting in the way of the flow

    So many of the people I have interviewed with want to keep the conversation going and ask all kinds of questions and query most all responses. Sometime that works. More often it muddles clarity and is frustrating to everyone. It short circuts the ideas. .So, I’m extremely grateful that Jordan allowed the essence of the topic to move unimpeded. I’m also deeply impressed at the gentleness and support Jordan provides. Even when being silent, he is absolutely with you!! You can feel it. And he lets the conversation live!
    Thank you so much. I wish you all the best, Jordan. Blessings always. Rev K

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