Steve White -176

Jordan’s new book “On Air: My Fifty Year Love Affair with Radio,” is now available.  On today’s podcast it’s  guy who helped make it possible.   Meet  Jordan’s co-author and guide to publishing his memoir.   Steve White, is a non-stop writer for the past 45 years and owner of  Steve White Public Relations, where he uses his writing skills to help companies maximize their marketing. Steve White Publishing is his other company helping writers develop their stories and get published.  He is  the author of the 1960’s era novel “Time Passages,” the political thriller “The Voice of Rage & Ruin,” the pop culture non-fiction book “American Pop” and more. “On Air: My Fifty Year Love Affair with Radio,” now available at Amazon. Jordan Rich is Boston’s busiest podcaster, appearing on over 400 podcast episodes and currently hosting 16 shows. To connect with him, visit