Millennials -107

In this episode a chat with two dynamic women who each focus on issues concerning Millennials. Paige Cornetet of and Rachel Klausner of are themselves millennials.

Millennial Guru is a team of innovative, passionate, and creative gurus helping companies hire and inspire millennials in the workforce.  The goal is to provide companies and their Gen-Y employees with the skills, confidence, and leadership advice they need to truly succeed.  Paige is also the author of The Louse in the House, The Hen in the Pen, and other children’s financial books, designed to educate younger generations about handling money, preserving and growing wealth and living responsibly.

Rachel Klausner is the Founder and CEO of and the Millie App.  She believes Millennials are not always fiscally responsible, but want to see and change the world they live in.  Rachel saw philanthropists approach giving thoughtfully, so reasoned why couldn’t she? She wanted to be thoughtful about where to allocate her charitable dollars, to build a social, cause-oriented community of young people who want to make a difference. And that’s how the Millie App was born.  Now her organization is helping to connect scores of non-profits with young people and others who are eager to help.

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