Ken Meyer -020

Kenny Meyer is not only the authority on the Golden Age of Radio, he’s a celebrated broadcaster and producer who has met and interviewed hundreds of celebrities.  His love of radio is infectious.  Kenny is one of the nicest guys I know with an inspiring story of making it in the “biz!”

One thought on “Ken Meyer -020

  1. Hi JR.
    You interviews of so many great personalities always have some important messages to share with us listeners. Kenny Meyer is a “Real Gem and Gentleman” in your always- growing collection of GREAT INTERVIEWS. I’m always “mesmerized” whenever Kenny is speaking “On-Air”…His personal stories are so interesting and inspirational… and his suggestion of “Just be yourself in front of the mic” is such a great lesson to us all.
    THANK YOU for giving me a chance to meet Kenny on one of your WBZ weekend radio shows a few years ago. You and Kenny are always on my list of “Great People” to know and enjoy calling my friend…!!!

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