Don Morrow -009

Don Morrow is a living broadcast and voice-over legend both on and off camera, having announced for national TV shows and movie trailers including “Titanic”, “Saving Private Ryan” and dozens of Hollywood blockbusters. When you hear the term “VOG” for “Voice of God,” it will be Don Morrow that fits that bill.

One thought on “Don Morrow -009

  1. WOW…I’ve been mesmerized listening to your podcast interviews. With your highly-successful-multi-faceted career already established, I was glad to see that you’ve taken on another opportunity to create another facet.
    I’m always impressed with learning how someone got the idea or chance to head into a career of their choice. Your podcast is exactly what I enjoy listening to. During my 28 year career in the Special Effects biz, I always thought of asking many of my fellow effects guys and gals about how they got into Special Effects work. Most of them said that their relatives or family friends had been working in the movie and T V biz. A much-smaller group said that they had seen a specific movie or TV show and got the chance to visit a film crew on a near-by location to ask the on-set Special Effects man if they could be considered for hiring onto the crew.For myself….(as you know)…I was born into the business through my parents and their careers.
    Anyway, THANK YOU…for bringing so many of us into the “Voice-Over” biz from your side of the window…!!!

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