Roberto Mighty -013

Roberto Mighty is an award winning multimedia artist with success in music, filmmaking, video production, photography and much more. He teaches at Emerson College and is proud to have been named the first Artist in Residence at the historic Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Roberto’s voice as an artist is vibrant and impressive.

Julia Lipman -012

Julia Lipman is a talent voice-over and stage actress with a distinctive British accent and great story telling talent.  Julia and Jordan discuss dialects, understanding and delivering a solid message and the love she has for acting and “theatre of the mind.”

Jerry Goodwin -011

Jerry Goodwin is an extremely busy character actor appearing on stage and TV/film roles.  He is also a veteran voice over artist and legendary radio personality with stints in Texas and Detroit before coming to Boston and reigning as the famous “Duke of Madness” at classic rocker WBCN.

Candy O’Terry -010

Candy O’Terry is an accomplished broadcaster, voice-over artist, spokeswoman and actress.  She’s a dynamite vocalist and founder and co-host of the multi award winning Exceptional Women radio show on WMJX 106.7 in Boston. Candy is also Co-Founder & President at Boston Women in Media & Entertainment.

Don Morrow -009

Don Morrow is a living broadcast and voice-over legend both on and off camera, having announced for national TV shows and movie trailers including “Titanic”, “Saving Private Ryan” and dozens of Hollywood blockbusters. When you hear the term “VOG” for “Voice of God,” it will be Don Morrow that fits that bill.

Bill Smith -008

Bill Smith, currently production director at WRKO in Boston, personifies the terms “smooth” and “professional.” He has written, produced and voiced hundreds of spots and is a talented musician with one of the coolest home studios around. Bill recounts his early days in radio and how the industry has evolved.

Fred Frees -007

Fred Frees is the son of voice-over legend Paul Frees, aka Boris Badenov and voice of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, to name but a few. Fred in his own right is a brilliant voice artist and teacher with personal insight into his Dad’s amazing career in show business.

Randy Thomas -006

Randy Thomas has broken not only the glass ceiling but nearly every studio door when it comes to voice-overs. She is the first woman to announce the Oscars, Tony’s, Emmy’s, The Super Bowl, and Entertainment Tonight, not to mention dozens of national radio and TV campaigns. She is also an accomplished author and teacher.

Suzanne Bates -005

Meet Suzanne Bates of Bates Communications and the author of several best sellers including “Speak Like a CEO: Secrets for Commanding Attention and Getting Results.” Suzanne is a former television anchor and reporter who has enormous success training people to communicate to win!