Garrison Keillor Returns!

The Star of Prairie Home Companion and Lake Wobegon’s most famous son is back to share stories, humor and wisdom.  It’s a return appearance for Garrison Keillor,  here to talk about two new book projects, “Boom Town: A Lake Wobegon Novel,” and Serenity at 70, Gaiety at 80,” a funny and thoughtful treatise on aging. As always the conversation is lively and fun. Enjoy!

Brad Meltzer is Back!

He’s back with another thriller and that’s all we need to know to welcome Brad Meltzer back to On Mic! Brad’s latest is entitled, “The Lightning Rod,” and wait to you read about more of America’s deepest secrets.  As always, Brad researches and unveils hidden history in his latest novel. We suggest you hold on tight for an unbelievable ride!


Rashad Chambers -272

A creative force on Broadway and beyond, theatre producer Rashad Chambers joins us to talk about his work producing a variety of plays and musicals, including his latest off-Broadway production of “Little Girl Blue,” a musical about the life and times of Nina Simone.  Rashad is a rising star in the fascinating behind-the-scenes world of theatre.

Amanda Carr -271

Meet one of this era’s finest jazz singers. Not only does Amanda Carr have a talented hold on the Great American Songbook, she is a musician of many talents, composing, play many instruments, recording, teaching and more.  Amanda’s music touches the heart and soul of audiences.  But she offers so much more as a person.  Enjoy a conversation with a creative dynamo who we’re honored to call our friend!

Dr. Barry Taylor -270

Dr. Barry Taylor, ND is a naturopathic healer of the first order. Over many decades he has helped thousands with his “Love Your Body” program, a well balanced approached to healing and achieving vibrant health. His new book tells the story in depth  We will talk with him about “Love Your Body: Your Path to Transformation, Health and Healing.” For those who are tired of merely treating symptoms or putting up with disease, Dr. Taylor offers healthy, science-based alternatives to healing.

Ron Franscell  -269

A fascinating true crime story comes to life with acclaimed writer Ron Franscell joining us to talk about his new book, “ Shadow Man: An Elusive Psycho Killer and the Birth of FBI Profiling.  Ron’s non-fiction reporting in this one will have readers on the edge of their seats as the FBI races to stop a murdered before he kills again!

Carmen Mariano -268

Carmen Mariano is one of the most amiable chaps you’ll ever meet. Now in his seventies, he has been in school as a student, teacher, coach or administrator since he was 6. In that time, Carmen has earned his Bachelor’s Degree from The Catholic University of America, a Master’s degree from The Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Boston College.  He  developed long lasting friendships as teacher, mentor and coach. And Carmen is also a nifty collector of stories. Long and short tales that entertain, inspire and make one think.  He’s crafted a terrific book on the subject called “The Strength of a Story,” the perfect guest for our podcast that celebrates conversation!

Erica Ferencik -267

It’s the return of one of our favorites, a thriller writer and story teller of the first order Erica Ferencik.  She’s taken us to the raging rivers of the Allagash Wilderness to the mysterious and deadly Amazon jungles and now in her latest book,  “Girl in Ice” to the frozen tundra that is Greenland.  Her novels are brimming with suspense and gripping characters, with Erica’s tales of researching her locales just as fascinating!



Todd Kashdan -266

After receiving a Ph.D. in clinical psychology (2004), Todd Kashdan founded the Well-Being Lab at George Mason University which has produced over 210 peer-reviewed journal articles on well-being and resilience, psychological flexibility, meaning and purpose in life, curiosity, and managing social anxiety. Todd has authored several books and today we talk about his latest entitled “The Art of Insubordination.”  He offers practical ways to speak up for yourself and for what’s right, all of it based on hard science and humanity, not to mention a great sense of humor!

Jeff Pugliese -265

Meet retired Watertown, Massachusetts police officer Jeff Pugliese who served his community proudly for decades. Jeff went beyond the call of duty when he faced down one of the Boston Marathon terrorist bombers, likely saving many innocent lives. Jeff shares personal details about the night he engaged in the gun battle heard around the world.