Staples Connect -137

In a special bonus episode, we took our show on the road and recorded an episode about “the art of podcasting” at the new Staples Connect/iHeart Podcast studio in downtown Boston.  Staples Connect is a new concept launching in the Boston area with plans to expand nationwide. Staples is offering a variety of services to growing businesses including office space and meeting rooms, design services, workplace support and yes state-of-the-art podcast recording facilities with experts on hand to help folks stating out. Dan Thibeault, my wonderful colleague from Fast Twitch Media, joins me to discuss what you need to know to launch your own podcast!  Jordan Rich is Boston’s busiest podcaster, appearing on over 400 podcast episodes and currently hosting 14 shows. To connect with him, visit

Sandy Goroff -136

Today’s guest is a very fine friend and colleague, one of the finest and most experienced publicists in the business. Sandy Goroff has promoted books and more for everyone from former President Jimmy Carter to Jane Goodall to Kirk Douglas.  She shares some fun stories about working with celebrities, where the publishing field is headed and how publicity works in the age of social media. Sandy is also a celebrated fine arts photographer and voice actor. Jordan Rich is Boston’s busiest podcaster, appearing on over 400 podcast episodes and currently hosting 14 shows. To connect with him, visit

Rico & Sharon Difronzo -135

Meet a delicious power couple, two wonderful people loaded with creative energy and a passion for what they do.  Americo “Rico” DiFronzo is a master chef, currently executive chef at America’s oldest continuing restaurant, The Union Oyster House in Boston. His lovely wife Sharon is a respected singer-songwriter and voice-over artist with a beautiful sound and a matching heart of gold.  On today’s podcast you’ll learn a lot from Rico about what really goes on in a master chef’s kitchen as well as current trends in the restaurant business.  And Sharon shares with us a bit about her life in music and this couple’s secrets for a sweet and successful marriage.  Bon Appetit! Learn more about your host of the On Mic Podcast, Jordan Rich at

Nicholas Meyer -134

It’s a treat to welcome acclaimed writer and director Nicholas Meyer whose body of work includes the hit Sherlock Holmes novel, “The Seven Percent Solution.”  The screenplay garnered him with an Academy Award nomination and became a hit film starring Nicol Williamson, Robert Duvall and Alan Arkin.  Nicholas Meyer has written several other novels including his latest Holmes & Watson tale called “The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols.”  As a director Nick’s debut film was the thrilling “Time after Time” starring Malcom McDowell.  A highlight of his career is taking command of the Enterprise and directing two of the most popular and critically acclaimed films in the series, “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn,” and “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.”  His list of credits is impressive as his knowledge and love for all things Sherlock! Learn more about your host of the On Mic Podcast, Jordan Rich at

D. Brenton Simons -133

Meet D. Brenton Simons, who has changed the face of nonprofit-based genealogy in America by bringing the best scholarship to millions of users for more than a decade as President and CEO of and the New England Historic Genealogical Society.  He has been at the helm of this marvelous enterprise ― the founding genealogical institution in America ― which now serves more than 250,000 members and millions of online users with 1.4 billion records. Brenton is an industry leader and a best selling author and lover of history. Learn more about your host of the On Mic Podcast, Jordan Rich at

Michael Starr -132

Meet Michael Starr, long-time TV writer for the New York Post and one of our favorite biographers.  Mike’s beat has been writing the life stories of iconic entertainment personalities including Bobby Darrin, Raymond Burr, Joey Bishop and Ringo Starr.  His latest is “Shatner,” all about the enigmatic force of nature that is William Shatner. Captain Kirk, Denny Crain, T.J. Hooker and a real life of celebrity, limelight, women, horses and non-stop energy.  Meet the man behind the Star Fleet uniform, brought to us in book form by Michael Starr, one of the best in the business! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Eli Glaser -131

Eli Glaser is leading a health and wellness revolution. He is founder and director of the ground-breaking Soveya Weight-Loss Solution, an all encompassing program which empowers people to acquire the competence and confidence to completely transform their overall eating habits and relationship with food.   We will hear of Eli’s personal struggle with weight loss and body image.  He has successfully maintained a 130-pound weight loss for more than 15 years employing his practical, intuitive approach.  He is also an ordained rabbi and previously worked as a sports reporter and war correspondent during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at


Sergeant & Nash -130

Meet two of the most vibrant jazz talents on the scene today! Kristen Lee Sergeant’s current release, “Smolder,” is a story of fire — love ignited, ablaze and extinguished. DownBeat critic Bobby Reed writes “This elegant album illustrates what can happen when admirable ambition is paired with vocal vibrancy.”  Her collaborator on this wonderful new album is jazz saxophonist and composer Ted Nash, Grammy-winner and a member of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra directed by Wynton Marsalis. Ted is also one of the founders of the Jazz Composers Collective.  They make beautiful music together and their love of wine has led to them producing their own wine called “Two Notes,” a Bordeaux blend from California, soon to be in its second vintage. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Jon Stetson -129

To say he’s amazing is an obvious understatement. Jon Stetson is one of America’s foremost mentalists, an engaging entertainer who has performed for presidents, kings, Fortune 1000 organizations and celebrity audiences around the globe.  Jon loves people and it’s evident at any of his live shows as he injects levity and kindness while dazzling people with his uncanny mental abilities.  Jon leaves audiences with a sense of empowerment and wonder. His shows are extremely entertaining and inspiring. He’s appeared on many national television shows but his home base these days is the historic Parker House Hotel in Boston where his performances have the city buzzing! Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at

Jacy Dawn Valeras -128

Meet a dynamic young woman who is putting her stamp of success on the music business.  Jacy Dawn Valeras has been singing since she was very young, working with some of the top names in the music industry.  She is also a gifted song writer.  A New Englander by birth, she migrated  to the musical hub of Nashville where she started  a thriving business, Platinum Circle Media, promoting headline acts such as Collin Raye, TG Sheppard and Lorrie Morgan.  She and her team provide top flight social media marketing campaigns and creative cutting edge promotion for today’s markets.  A few years ago, Jacy faced the worst news any singer can—due to overuse, she had done serious damage to her vocal chords and needed to give up singing completely.  Happily, along with her booming media business, she found healing and is singing beautifully again. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at