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Joyce Kulhawik -051

Joyce Kulhawik was Boston’s “go-to” arts and entertainment reporter and critic at WBZ-TV Channel 4 for decades. On the national front, she worked with Roger Ebert as his co-critic on “At the Movies.”  Joyce is currently writing about and covering films, theatre and more at  A three time cancer survivor,  Joyce is also a motivational speaker who continues to inspire audiences with a story of hope and perseverance.

Taylor Mali -050

Taylor Mali is a renowned poet. He is a four-time National Poetry Slam champion and the author of four books, including “What Teachers Make: In Praise of the Greatest Job in the World.”  He’s also a celebrated voice over artist and teacher who will share some of his very creative poetry on the podcast. To learn more visit

Billy West -049

Billy West is the multi-talented voice actor who has voiced countless cartoons, films and commercials. His list of credits include honoring the late Mel Blanc as the voice of Bugs Bunny and pals in “Space Jam,”  as well as hit shows, including “Doug,” “Futurama” and “Ren and Stimpy.”  Billy was a fixture on the Howard Stern Show for many years making us all laugh with his dead-on impressions of Larry Fine, Marge Schott and George Takei.   He’s one of the most in-demand voice actors in the nation.

Tai Irwin -048

Tai Irwin, aka “Morning Guy Tai” is a broadcast veteran with stints on WFNX, WROR and WZLX in Boston.  Tai was also a successful talk show host on WRKO for several years. Tai mentors young broadcasters and is currently hosting a monthly musical retrospective on WUMB at The University of Massachusetts.

Lenny Clarke -046

He’s one of the best stand-up comics in the land, he’s the incredible Lenny Clarke.  Known for dozens of TV and movie appearances including “Rescue Me,” “There’s Something About Mary,” his own sitcom “Lenny” and more.  Lenny also is constantly helping charities.  Here we talk about the big MS Bike Ride he’s championing on Cape Cod as well as his takes on the current state of comedy. Subscribe to On Mic with Jordan Rich at:

Anson Williams -045

Anson Williams, star of Happy Days and busy TV director joins us to talk about his career working with
Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and countless other stars.  He is also promoting Alert Drops, a simple natural solution to dangerous driver fatigue.  The product was inspired by his famous uncle,  Dr. Henry Heimlich. To learn more about Jordan Rich and the fascinating world of voiceover, visit Chart Productions.

Liz Brunner -044

Liz Brunner is a broadcast TV veteran, having anchored nightly news in Boston for many years.
She currently owns and operates a communications and leadership training firm called Brunner Communications. Listen to this and all On Mic with Jordan Rich episodes at chart

Grace Kelly-042

Grace Kelly is a musical phenom, one of the brightest stars in jazz and beyond! Learn more at:

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Gary King -041

Gary King and his talented Dad and brothers grew up in the wonderful world of Hollywood special effects.  They began in the “pre-CGI” days, creating amazing illusions that entertained millions.  Here Gary shares some behind the scenes stories and trade secrets, a conversation any fan of movies and television will love! Subscribe to On Mic with Jordan Rich and get all of the episodes automatically, as soon as they are published! Get your podcast sleeping pill here: